Christian Mentors (Wall of Respect)

USMC Gary Pilafas

Dr. George Sweeting

Dr. Gilbert Bilezekian

Dr. Grant Osborne

Pastor Kerry Bauman

Dr. Gerald Peterman

Don Hilliard

Pastor Elder Phil Desmond

Pastor David Leigh

Pastor Bill Hybels


Pastor Dave Nelson

Pastor Erik Reed

Pastor Mark Nash







From first to last: USMC Gary Pilafas, Dr. George Sweeting, Dr. Gilbert Bilezekian, Dr. Grant Osborne, Pastor Kerry Bauman, Dr. Gerald Peterman, Pastor Don Hilliard, Elder Phil Desmond, Pastor David Leigh, Pastor Bill Hybels, Pastor Alistair Begg, Pastor Dave Nelson, Pastor Erik Reed, Pastor Mark Nash, Dr. Tim Siegler, Dr. Michael Vanlaningham, Dr. John Nathan Clayton, Dr. Michael Weschler, Pastor Erwin Lutzer and Dr. Gary Burge. Each of these men taught me something extremely critical in my Christian Walk. My Christian Education would not be complete without the mentoring by these men, and to each I will forever remain grateful.