Core Values

I am an American who would gladly give his life in order to protect and defend our great nation if called upon to do so.

I am a Christian who attends Church Service or Mass every Sunday and on Holy days. I partake of the communion --- the Body and Blood of Christ our Savior. I am a humble servant of the LORD of the Bible, God of the known and the unknown Universe, and a disciple and friend of His son, Jesus Christ. I have a special relationship with Jesus, my personal Lord and Savior, who I also consider my best friend. I am nothing without the infinite mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I belong to Christ. Everything that I ever was, ever am, or ever will be, belongs to my Personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Blessings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be upon you!

I am a Republican, but with friends on both sides of the aisle. As I get older I have found myself becoming more conservative. I have been urged by many friends to run for political office as a Republican, but I am not interested in running for political office. Yes, I do believe that in most matters, Republicans have a far superior, much better thought out, and more intelligent plan to run the nation, However, neither Republicans nor Democrats are evil. Rather, people from both parties have their own points of view which are valid. Both Republicans and Democrats bleed Red, White and Blue. We have many enemies in this world who would like nothing more than to conquer or destroy us. Discerning the tactics of our enemies and staying ten steps ahead of them will require putting our political differences aside and putting forward a unified front as Americans. The issues which divide us are much less important than the ones which unite us as Americans. We are the greatest nation on earth and come closest to resembling Heaven on Earth. We must do all we can to protect and defend our great nation from those who would seek to conquer or destroy her.



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