Executive Summary


...but with God, all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

With over 27 years of Information Technology experience in the United States, specifically with distributed systems and server infrastructure, I have been a stellar contributor in the Financial, Capital Markets, Insurance, Transportation, and Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare as well as the Public Sector verticals. My roles have included setting strategic architectural direction, developing solution architecture, and providing engineering subject matter expertise as well as team leadership. I have been involved with the deployment and support of very large data centers, and have also lead two physical data center moves. My soft skills include excellent communication, project management, documentation and presentation skills.

I began supporting Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows servers right out of College in the early 1990s and quickly gained the Novell CNE and Microsoft MCSE certifications. During the mid 90s I was involved in a very large multimillion dollar Peoplesoft ERP project, for which my manager required a UNIX resource, and sent me to HP-UX training and certification. As a certified HP resource, I spent ten years, between 1996 and 2006 supporting various versions of HP-UX on PA-RISC and Itanium hardware. 

In 1996 a project I was working on required a monitoring tool and I suggested deploying it on Red Hat Linux. At the time, Linux in the enterprise data center was unheard of, and my success using Linux meant that I would recommend it repeatedly over the years. As I would jokingly tell people afterwards, I was working with Linux when the Penguin was in diapers.

Between 2000 and 2006 I led one of the most capable UNIX Server Engineering Teams in the Midwest, at Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From there, I went on to introduce Linux to several very large enterprises, including United Airlines, which saved over $100MM by moving to Linux, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association which saved at least $25MM by switching. Along the way, I picked up numerous other supporting skills including Veritas (VCS) Clustering, VMware virtualization, Amazon AWS and Azure Cloud.

Between 2010 and 2017 I led the Linux Server Engineering teams for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Zebra Technologies. During this time I worked very closely with their CISOs on numerous Cyber Security projects and initiatives. 

Most recently I have been working as an independent contractor for Fortune 500 companies around the country, mostly on cloud and security projects.

As a Cloud Engineer, it has been my responsibility to:

  • Architect, Engineer, Support, Monitor and Maintain Cloud-based solutions.
  • Helped troubleshoot numerous AWS and Azure Linux server deployments of all flavors: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, AMI Linux, Tails, CentOS, Fedora, Kali and others.
  • It has been my responsibility to take an existing on-premises financial middleware solution and move it en-mass to the cloud using AWS technologies.
  • It has been my responsibility to migrate on-prem data center infrastructure, including physical and virtualized (VMWare ESXi hosted) database servers, web servers, middleware, file servers and other components to the Cloud (AWS and Azure)

As a Security Engineer, it has been my responsibility to:

  • Architect, Engineer, Support, Monitor and Maintain safe computer networks, servers, desktops and a secure Enterprise Computing Environment using the latest and greatest Security tools in the market.
  • Monitor threats and vulnerabilities (CVEs) and remediate or mitigate them with patches, bug fixes, code changes, firmware, hardware, or OS and software version upgrades.
  • Deploy Security Agents across the Enterprise and utilize the same to evaluate security holes, lapses, as well as threats internal as well as external
  • Drive process improvements to reduce risk and/or improve operational efficiency 
    Remediate findings from internal as well as external assessments 
  • Perform periodic penetration testing in order to validate remediation effectiveness 
  • Lead the implementation of select new security technologies  
  • Lead the charge in incident response activities including forensic investigations 
  • Implement and maintain security tools across the enterprise as well as private, public, and hybrid clouds, including, Qualys, Nessus, Rapid7, iptables, Secunia, SCAP, CrowdStrike, LogRhythm, Satellite Server 5.6, 6.0; UNIX/ Linux Patching, SCCM, ServiceNow, and Altiris.

As a Disaster Recovery Manager, it has been my responsibility to:

  • Perform Enterprise-wide Risk Assessments and Business Impact Analysis
  • Eliminate all Single Points of Failure (SPOF) within current Production Environment
  • Catalog and Inventory all Applications and their Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Create Mission-Critical Application recovery order
  • Plan, procure and deploy Hot Sites and Remote Site infrastructure
  • Design and deploy real-time (SRDF, TruCopy etc) and near-real-time data replication as well as offsite and offline (tape) rotations with DR vendors such as Iron Mountain
  • Plan the failover and recovery of virtualized VMware infrastructure using SRM.
  • Plan the people side of Business Continuity (Workflow and Notification Procedures, seating at remote sites etc.)
  • Conducting actual recovery exercises
  • Documenting time taken to recover each component during exercise, document failures or gaps and planning for remediation or plan of action for next exercise.

As a Team Leader / IT Manager it has been my responsibility to:

  • Co-ordinate with HR in all aspects of personnel management
  • Search for talent, interview, hire and onboard personnel
  • Perform periodic performance evaluations, approve timecards, plan team vacations, plan team training as well as on-call schedules
  • Fire, release and terminate personnel
  • Plan an annual departmental budget
  • Lead and guide IT projects from inception to completion
  • Co-ordinate ITIL compliance and maintain an Enterprise Change Calendar
  • Maintain and manage a ServiceDesk queue
  • Conduct software licensing and compliance audits as well as hardware asset inventories
  • Develop, issue and evaluate RFPs and response from RFPs from vendors
  • Maintain healthy vendor relationships

While I love technology, most of all, I am an extrovert --- a people person. My Myers-Briggs personality according to http://www.16personalities.com is : EXECUTIVE (ESTJ-T) My career goals are lofty but achievable, and all end up in the C-Suite or Boardroom. While I love technology, I am foremost a big picture person -- a technology manager with real world business experience and smarts. I hold a mini-MBA from the International Business Management Institute in Berlin, Germany.

My past has included starting and successfully running a technology company, and growing it to 15 employees and several million dollars in revenue. As such, I have done everything from hiring and firing, to creating HR manuals, procuring and administering benefits for employees for my company, creating sales presentations and marketing materials, as well as maintaining an in-house data center. This particular company was started in 2001 and dissolved in 2008.

As an extrovert, I love to network with and meet new people, as well as to foster, develop and nurture existing relationships. I have been extremely successful at management, as well as at sales and marketing roles in the past. In addition to large and small business, I have been involved with several dozen Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Congressional and Mayoral campaigns, including all aspects of the campaign from literature creation, walk and knock, phone banking, GOTV efforts, media relations, dear neighbor letters, direct mailing, campaign creation, phone banking, fundraising, visibility, campaign website management, demographic targeting, editorial letters, as well as advertising and branding. I carefully review the position of each candidate I endorse for public office, and over ninety percent of the candidates I have endorsed thus far have won election or re-election...! I have contributed over $50,000 to Republican coffers since 2007 and continue to support Republican candidates around the nation every day.

I returned to my Christian faith in 2007, and was subsequently Baptized in 2009. Since then I have spent several years taking Moody Bible Institute, Trinity Divinity College, Dallas Theological Seminary, Knox Seminary and other Bible classes and hope to some day complete the MDiv. In the interim I have been extremely active in the Church community, volunteering at Churches, leading Bible Studies, and planting new Church campuses.

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