On the Issues


...but with God, all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

Some of what I am about to state on this page is extremely Pro-American and anti-global. If you are easily offended by this, please do not read any further. For some of the items on this page I take off my Pastor’s hat and put on the hat of an American Patriot, Economist, and Politician. I would like to seek the nomination of my party (The Republican Party) for public office at some point in the future yet to be determined. Why am I writing all this? It is because I have been misunderstood, misconstrued and misrepresented time and time again. No more. I am not Muslim. I am not Black. I am not Hispanic. I am not Gay, and I am certainly not Chinese. Stop trying to put me in a freaking box folks! if you absolutely have to put me in a box, check the box next to WASP. I am sick and tired of the psychological warfare that has been conducted against me since 2008. I am sick and tired of being bullied, threatened, harassed, and wrongly portrayed. I am here to correct your false record about me. This is who I am, and here are my opinions:

The COVID-19 crisis:

President Trump and Vice President Pence should be commended on their handling of this crisis. China needs to be investigated by the United Nations and the World Health Organization for lying to the world about the origin and severity of the pandemic. Cures, tests and vaccines will eventually be developed and the economy will get back on track, however, considerable economic damage has been done already. China needs to be held responsible for the Trillions of dollars in damage to the world economy, or at least to the American Economy. The US Treasury should simply cancel the Trillions of dollars worth of US Treasury bonds held by the Chinese and call it even. Then all trade and other relations with China should simply be cut off. In addition, China must face the severest of consequences for allowing this to happen.

Pandemic-related shutdowns hurt the economy worse than any risk of widespread infection, and stay-at-home orders are clearly unconstitutional. Closing the economy is an extremely bad idea and the damage done to small businesses and the restaurant, lodging, tourism and entertainment industry has been catastrophic. I call upon all Governors to reopen their States as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage to their State economies.

2nd Amendment:

I am strong on national security and believe in the Reagan-Bush doctrine on national defense. I am also a member of the NRA and am pro-gun rights and believe in Citizens’ rights to carry firearms legally. I believe in our 2nd amendment rights to carry firearms. I legally own, and often carry a gun. Guns do not kill people. Crazy people with guns kill people. I have never seen a gun wake up one day and decide it is going to go on a killing spree. A gun is a tool just like a hammer is a tool. Just as a hammer can be used to put up a painting, it can also be used to smash someone's head in. It is a tool. It is what people decide to do with that tool that makes all the difference. It is bad people who decide to do evil things with guns who give guns a bad name. In the United Kingdom, where guns are banned, most murders happen using knives. In fact, in London, there is a murder epidemic committed by folks using knives. Guns are not readily available there, so people resort to using knives. If you outlaw knives as well, people will resort to using shovels and stones, as they used to do in Biblical times. The gun and the knife is simply a tool. The problem is a heart problem not a gun problem.

Most gun-related crime happens with weapons illegally purchased off the streets. Legal gun owners are a very responsible group and generally do not use legally purchased firearms to commit crimes. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Strict gun laws already exist on the books for purchasing guns, including mandatory background checks and mandatory waiting periods for purchasing guns. No additional guns laws introduced by the Congress or the Senate will reduce gun violence in our inner cities because as stated earlier, legal gun owners are not the ones committing these crimes. Legal Gun owners already undergo Federally mandated background checks and waiting periods before acquiring firearms. Criminals who generally procure guns off the streets don’t care what the law says, pay with cash, and do not undergo any background checks or waiting periods. They do not obey existing laws on the books while procuring guns, and will certainly not obey any additional laws introduced by Congress or the Senate. Introducing additional restrictive laws on the books simply burdens law-abiding citizens who want to use their guns for legal hunting, target shooting or self-defense purposes. Whenever there is a mass shooting in a school or mall or other public facility, there is a hue and cry by the public to do something about this. The answer is to arm the good guys out there. The FBI has published 3 reports that collectively detail active shooter events from 2000-2017. The first report covered events from 2000 to 2013, the second covered 2014-2015, and the third and most recent covered 2016-2017. According to those reports, aggregating all Active Shooter Incidents where an Armed Citizen with a concealed carry permit was present, they were successful 94% of the time in stopping (75.8%) the perpetrator entirely or reducing (18.2%) the loss of life that resulted from the incident. The answer then is not mass gun control, but greater gun ownership by the good guys.

I commend President Trump for rejecting the UN Small Arms Treaty. We are a sovereign nation, and no foreign country or foreign organization should be able to override our Constitutional rights to bear arms.

On Race Relations in America:

Race relations are horribly messed up in our country. I directly blame the US Government for pandering to the wishes of minorities for too long, thus making them a separate group. We are all Americans folks. We are not hyphenated people. We are not Black-American, White-American, Brown-American, or Yellow-American. We are not African-American or Mexican-American or Chinese-American or Japanese-American or Indian-American or Asian-American or German-American or Polish-American. We are all American. This is one of the core teachings of Basic training (Boot Camp) in the US Military where everyone wears the same uniform, salutes the same flag, and where racism is absolutely not tolerated. Everyone bleeds Red, White and Blue. Everyone stands for the flag and is united in purpose and committed to die for their brothers in arms next to them if need be. This is the kind of unity we need in the civilian population. Where we can learn this from is directly from the US Military. Here are concrete actions that need to be taken to fix race relations in this country:

1. Abolish affirmative action and special treatment of all minorities. Everyone is an American and nobody should be treated better, different or worse than anyone else. Everyone should be treated equal. How can people stand for affirmative action, yet demand to be treated equal? It doesn’t make any sense...!!!
2. Government forms should do away with things like place of birth, and ethnic markers like Caucasian, African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American etc. We are all Americans and race should make no difference whatsoever. Do away with all markers of race on Government forms and leave only the individual’s name, sex, date of birth and photograph instead. Wherever possible I mark [X] Prefer not to disclose. However, many times that choice is not available and I am forced to choose a race. This is the worst form of division by race. .
3. There is no excuse for racism. However, there is also no excuse for rioting in the streets, arson, looting and pillaging of businesses. These protests must be handled swiftly by the police, and if they are not capable of handling it, then by the national guard. These sorts of protests should not be allowed to fester, as they have done in Seattle.
Fact is that everyone’s lives matter. Organizations like Black lives matter, Black Panthers and other Black-centric organizations should be designated hate groups, just as the Klu Klux Klan is. Why should one be allowed to exist while not the other? Violence caused by organizations such as Black lives matter should be treated as domestic terrorism.
5. Calls to disband the police, or defund the police are simply foolish and pathetic overreactions which place the blame for the wrongdoings of one individual upon the entire police force.  The answer is not to disband them but to train the police in more effective use of non-lethal force.

Pro-Life and Pro-Domestic Adoption:

I am pro-life and pro-domestic-adoption. I believe that human life begins at conception, and that we must protect the sanctity of human life by protecting the unborn. I do not believe in any Federal or taxpayer funding for organizations such as planned parenthood. I commend President Trump for taking the first step in banning late-term abortion.

I also believe that there are plenty of babies and children who are neglected and not properly taken care of here in the United States. Nobody should have to travel overseas to adopt a child from China or Africa when there are plenty of abused, neglected and undernourished babies and children right here in the United States. I urge Congress and the Senate to pass laws to make it faster and easier for American couples to adopt American babies and children right here at home. Legal domestic adoption should not take more than three weeks: the first week to determine that the child’s biological parents are absent, unfit, unable, incapable or unwilling to be parents, the second week to perform a Federal background check on the child’s prospective new legal parents, and the third week to perform a financial means test to determine if the prospective legal parents have the financial resources to adopt a child. That should be it. Three weeks should be all the time it takes to legally adopt a child. Why are there horror stories of it taking years to adopt a child? What gives? Cutting through the red tape to make the domestic adoption process easier and much faster is the first step to making this happen. I urge Congress to act on this NOW.

Protection of Conventional Marriage:

Traditional marriage should be encouraged, supported, and protected within our Homes, our Workplaces, our Churches and our Synagogues. Too often I have seen single men and women who are in love, separated in the name of race, religion, ethnic origin, denomination, political affiliation, or some other nonsense. If a man and a woman are in love, they should be allowed, and even encouraged, to marry, and then to honor their commitment to stay married. A generation or two ago it was very common to see marriages last 40, 50, 60 or even 70 years, till death did them part. This is unfortunately not the case in our generation, as the fabric of marriage is eroding and marriages have a tendency to fall apart much sooner. I believe that the rate of divorce in this nation is at an alarmingly high level. More needs to be done to try to reconcile divorcing couples with children, such as mandatory reconciliatory couples therapy. Divorce is not a joke, and should not be treated as such. Children brought up in broken homes generally don’t enjoy the same leg up and advantages that children with both parents still married, enjoy.

I am absolutely against the legalization of same-sex marriage, as I believe God meant marriage to be between one man and one woman. I am against the Government recognition of same-sex civil unions of any kind. Homosexuality is a grave sin and should not be condoned.  While homosexuality is a sin, this does not give us the right to treat people who are homosexual, badly. Remember, hate the sin but not the sinner. Homosexuals need to be welcomed in our Churches, homes and workplaces, and treated with love and respect just as any other human being, but they need to be prayed for, so they turn from their ways. Unfortunately, most don’t even know what the Bible says about this practice. Anyone has the ability to change their ways. They need to be taught that the Bible specifically condemns homosexual behavior. Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis, etc. Do I have homosexual friends? Yes. A small percentage of my friends are gay. Do I judge them for their sexual orientation, or treat them any differently from my friends who are straight? No. Do I wish they were straight? Absolutely. However, sometimes you just have to accept people for who they are, and love, respect and accept them regardless of their sin. Remember, there was only one sinless, perfect man who walked the earth --- Jesus Christ. It is not for us to judge, but God alone.

Running for Political Office:

I am a Republican who is known by Presidents past and present, Fortune CxOs, Governors, US Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, self-made millionaires and billionaires, as well as thousands of ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things throughout the nation, and with friends on both sides of the aisle. I know when to stand my ground. If I do run for any political office, it will be after I am married, with the support and agreement of my future wife. I have many close friends who have been in, or are in, political office. I do not recommend any single people to run for office. My advise for single people aspiring for political office: Wait until you are married before you run for office. Doing so otherwise is a recipe for disaster.

Bring back the Draft:

We need to do two things to improve and strengthen the nation in many ways. The first is to bring back the draft. Every able-bodied man or woman 18 years of age or older and less than 30 years of age must serve in the Armed Forces for at least two years before proceeding on to College. This will instill moral values, respect for the Flag, rigor, discipline and respect for the chain of command. Switzerland doesn’t have a gang problem in it’s inner cities. Also, every home in Switzerland is armed and every citizen soldier in Switzerland knows what their responsibility is should the country be attacked. We need to do the same. This will get rid of our gang problems because it will instill values in the hearts of our youth. Values largely missing from today’s youth.

The second thing which needs to happen, is to remove the upper age limit for Americans who want to serve, but are too old to serve in the capacity of a soldier. There could be specialist positions created for older Americans with specialized skills who wish to serve their country in the Armed Forces, but are too old to serve in the battlefield. Telling someone who wants to serve their country that they cannot enlist because they are over 35 years of age, is absolutely ridiculous.

Fiscal Discipline and Balanced Budget:

I am a Fiscal Conservative and believe in a balanced budget at the Federal as well as at the State level. However, I believe that our $19 Trillion in national debt is simply a symptom of a much larger systemic problem with the economy, namely, an imbalance in global trade. We simply import much more every year than we export. When our nation’s leaders start realizing how big a problem this really is, and give this issue the attention it truly deserves, all other economic ills such as unemployment, underemployment, the soft housing market, and economic stagnation will automatically start rectifying themselves. In order to spur our own manufacturing and produce what we consume, we need to increase the barriers to entry into our markets. This can be done by limiting what we import to essential items such as crude oil and food items which cannot be grown locally, and putting a large import duty (customs duty / tax / tariff ) on everything else. Use this newly levied tax on imports to balance our national budget. The short-term impact of this will be a scarcity of items in our supermarkets and stores as the price of cheap Chinese and other imported items skyrockets. This will spur domestic producers and manufacturers to sense an opportunity to produce the same products here in the United States and be able to make a decent profit. Slowly they will step in to replace the products manufactured overseas. The national debt and deficit will be reduced, American jobs will be created, and our nation will be prosperous once more. Americans will once more look out for Americans first, we will have a balanced budget, and our nation will prosper once more. Yes, I would be willing to be an economic advisor to any President who asks me to become one. I have not yet been asked, so I continue in my role as an Information Technology professional.

The Trade Imbalance:

The fact is that we neither need nor should we pay China, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, or any other nation to produce most of our electronic items and consumables. We can manufacture those ourselves. Have you heard the term “self-sufficiency?” Two trade deals unwittingly harmed our economy more than anything else by pandering to foreign interests. These deals were the NAFTA and the Global Trade Act which allowed cheap Chinese goods into the country and made China our go-to source for electronics manufacturing, clothing of all sorts, and almost everything we consume today from lightbulbs to plastic jars. We as a nation we need to learn to be self-sufficient and domestically manufacture what we consume. Our leaders need to learn some lessons from the private sector. Run the nation like a very large company, its exports like its finished products to be sold, its imports like its raw materials, its citizens like its shareholders and its elected officials like its Board of Directors. (Idea dated 01/01/2009 (c) Paul Narang ;-)) Figure out why our imports exceed our exports, and what we can do to reverse the trend. We must become a net-exporter rather than a net-importer of goods and services to other nations. Political leaders can only be a catalyst for doing the right thing, however, the fate of the nation ultimately lies in the Boardrooms of our Fortune 1000 companies who decide where, how and whether to import from foreign nations, and how much. The Swiss and the Germans know this better than anyone else. The Swiss domestically produce over 80 percent of everything they consume. The Germans are aggressively growing their economy through the export of goods and services. In my humble opinion, the Germans are the most intelligent people in the world. Hitler may have been very horribly wrong when it came to the Jews, but he was right when it came to the superiority of the Germans. They are a superior race of people.

When it comes to managing their domestic economy, the Germans and the Swiss have it right and our Federal Government has it wrong. On October 31, 2013 a feud erupted where the US Government accused the Germans of exporting too much, thereby strengthening their economy at the expense of other European nations. I say, good for the Germans! The US Government could learn more than a few things from both the Germans and from the Swiss! Don’t get me wrong, there’s no place I’d rather be than in my beloved USA, and no other country for which I am willing to give up my very life for on the battlefield, except for the USA, but there are examples out there of countries which are doing things better, and when it comes to managing their economy, both Switzerland and Germany are fine examples from where we ought to learn. In the United States, an utter lack of privacy is the pathetic norm, whereas in Switzerland the individual rights of privacy are not only respected, but enforced. From the Dutch we can learn about cooking and how to live a frugal and disciplined life, from the Greek we can learn culture and gain from their rich language and cultural heritage, from the British we can learn about tradition, pride and honor, from the Irish all about living with spunk and intestinal fortitude, and from the Italian we can learn about living a caring and passionate life.

Allowing off-shore drilling is a good start, but doesn’t go far enough in addressing our dependence on foreign oil. Our import-export imbalance cannot continue to be sustained. We cannot continue to remain almost $3 Trillion in debt to China and Lord only knows how much to Middle-eastern oil producing countries. This problem needs our urgent attention, and needs to get fixed NOW! As one friend aptly put it, we are importing the world’s goods and services, and exporting our own standard of living to them. I read an article on July 30th, 2010 that China has now surpassed Japan as the world’s second largest economy, and is on track to surpass the United States by 2025 if corrective measures are not taken. Why are we letting this happen? We allowed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world because of our sheer sense of collective recognition that something needed to be done to build them up after World War II. Why build up China? Why outsource to China? Why import from China? I am not quite sure if we have analyzed the cost of doing business with China. Do we risk utterly destroying our own manufacturing base and lowering our own standard of living in order to raise theirs? Worse yet, are we as a nation unknowingly and unwittingly financing the military arm of possibly the next world Superpower? Did you know that the interest we pay China on the money we have borrowed from them is enough to fund their entire Military? Communism is a failure, and an egalitarian world order is a fool’s pipe dream. It is also foolish to think that China does not aspire to be the next world Superpower. Are we willing to be unwitting financiers of their ambitions? Look through the voting record of the Five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. You will see a consistent pattern of the Russian Federation and China opposing every vote proposed by the United States. Yet, China has become our biggest trading partner. Why? To bring about the demise of the United States as a superpower. Now, there might be one and only one redeeming quality in China, and one and only one good reason to support China: The Christian population in China is the fastest growing Christian Church anywhere in the world. Yet, this has to be balanced against our own critical needs here at home in the United States (I still know of US war veterans who have served with honor, who go to sleep hungry and poor and cannot find employment) and men with PhDs unable to find work in their line of specialization driving taxi cabs in New York City. We MUST take care of our own before we purport to prop up someone else’s economy elsewhere. Does the phrase “secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others” sound familiar? What is the point of building up someone else’s  economy half a world away when our own economy is in trouble? Another reason to be cautious is that the Chinese government is still a self-proclaimed Communist regime which could change it’s stance on religious toleration at any time and crush the fragile Church there. These are all things to be considered carefully. Nearly a decade before Osama Bin Laden was found hiding in Pakistan I cautioned my fellow Americans about the deceitful nature of Pakistan’s ISI and the fact that they were harboring terrorists there. Now I am cautioning my fellow Americans that China not only has ambitions to be the world’s next SuperPower but that it intends to supplant the United States in industrial, economic and military strength, and we will be the ones who unwittingly equipped and enabled this giant Communist Regime.

Say NO to buying Chinese Products. Say NO to importing from China. Say NO to allowing Huawei products on your network. Say NO to manufacturing your products in China. Say NO to Chinese intellectual theft.

The only hope for China to become a legitimate democracy, to stop stealing jobs and trade secrets from the West, and to become a force for good, is the Christian Church in China. We have to prop up the Church in China. If you have any love for the United States and want the Chinese to come to Christ, then reverse the trade flow with China in our favor and prop up the Churches and the Evangelistic effort there.

Individual Right to Privacy: (Privacy Bill of Rights)

In the United States, an utter lack of individual privacy is the pathetic norm, whereas in Switzerland and in most other Western European countries, the individual rights of privacy are not only respected, but enforced. The passing of the GDPR in Europe is a step in the right direction and needs to followed up with similar stricter privacy regulations here in the United States. More needs to be done right here in the United States to protect individual privacy rights. Massive privacy violations continue to occur right under our very noses here in the United States perpetrated by private companies in the name of providing targeted advertisement and by politicians, local governments and local authorities in the name of anti-terrorism. Warrant less Wiretaps are not uncommon. As I have mentioned many times, the latter should only happen wherein the subject is a muslim individual with known ties to terrorism, and to Mosques with known ties to terrorism, and to those who make international calls to Muslim-majority nations. Illegal wiretapping, eavesdropping, and surveillance without a proper court order notifying the subject in writing of the wiretap, needs to end now and those who violate this, either civilians, politicians, or government officials, need to be punished and face real retribution up to and including monetary fines and jail time.

I commend Apple for recently cracking down on apps that secretly record taps, keystrokes, and keyboard inputs without first seeking user permission. While this is a good first step, this doesn’t go nearly far enough in stopping privacy snoops. As a huge fan of Apple products, I would encourage Apple to invest heavily in making IOS the most secure cellular operating system on the planet, which would add a layer of encryption to all voice calls, which today travel the air unencrypted and can easily be intercepted by third parties or by the phone companies themselves. Good end-to-end encryption can prevent this. Adding the best cameras makes good sense, however, it does not make a product secure.

Apple, create a business line of products to differentiate from the consumer market. Harden the heck out of IOS so that you can differentiate your business products based on unbreakable voice and data encryption. Bake-in end-to-end handset-to-handset military-grade voice and data encryption based on business models of your phones and sell them for twice as much. Ensure encryption is military grade rotating key, and utilizes spread spectrum frequency hopping. Corporate Espionage is at a record high, and I am sure the security-conscious business elite and Corporate C-Suite executives would pay top dollar to know that their telco gear cannot be intercepted.

The big problem is not that Apple or Android devices are insecure. The cellular networks being used in the United States are absolutely, completely and pathetically insecure and prone to being eavesdropped on. In order to compensate for this insecurity, Apple and Android must step up to the plate and produce handsets which provide end-to-end voice and data encryption.

What has caused this insecurity in our communications? 9/11 and the Patriot Act which is a double-edged sword. In name it protects the nation, but in reality it has created an anti-libertarian authoritative Government which can twist innocent arms and abuse its powers at any time.

There still remain massive and gaping security holes in Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android cellular operating systems which operate almost every known cellphone. The GSM and CDMA protocols which are used by every phone company in the world to provide all consumers worldwide with cellular service, are inherently insecure, and someone with a home cell tower, a knowledge of the CDMA or GSM protocol, an IMSI catcher, a packet capture and re-assembly program, as well as a good knowledge of TCP/IP and Ethernet, can intercept and record pretty much any phone conversation or text message as it traverses the skies. Also vulnerable to the same type of hack, but much easier to carry out, is snooping WiFi traffic which uses the insecure, unencrypted 802.X protocols, allowing for very easy illegal eavesdropping and wiretapping. Apple claims that I-messages are encrypted and secure...not really an accurate assessment. They are more secure than regular SMS messages, but certainly not as secure as they ought to be.

Electronic Surveillance by employers of their employees and contractors must be limited to equipment issued by the company expressly for the purpose of their employment. This would naturally exclude the monitoring of personal laptops, personal cellphones, and other personal devices in the home or outside.

Another gaping security hole can be found in the exchange of Corporate and personal email between consumers and companies. A majority of the email traffic which traverses the internet does so in an unencrypted format, increasing the chances of third party snooping. Folks, common sense measures to improve internet security should have been put in place years ago, but the lack of a common standards body to enforce simple things such as mandatory email encryption, don’t seem to exist. Did you know that there are 13 backdoors that Microsoft allowed into Windows 10? What this means is that as it ships, a new computer with Windows 10 will have 13 ways that potentially permit knowledgeable hackers to penetrate users’ systems with ease. Now, IT departments deploying Windows generally only keep those backdoors open which they can use themselves to monitor their employees and provide remote support, however, home users are generally clueless regarding what to do to close those backdoors and are especially vulnerable to malware and spyware being installed on their systems. In a post 9/11 world, a lot of security innovation has been muted and even discouraged by the Intelligence community in the name of Homeland Security. While I agree with them, and advise some very senior homeland security officials on Cyber Security matters, I truly believe that domestic surveillance within the United States should be restricted to radical Muslims who hate our country. See section below titled Government Surveillance. (For the Record, I have never practiced Islam, I have never visited a mosque, and there are NO MUSLIMS in my biological or adopted family.)

In addition, Congress needs to pass a bill preventing private and listed Corporations from prying into the personal past lives of their employees and contractors. A pre-employment Criminal Background check and Drug test should be all that is permitted by law. Companies should also be prohibited from keeping and maintaining massive databases of their employees. People change, mature and grow throughout their lives, and most learn from their mistakes. Something someone did wrong twenty years ago should not impact their work lives in the present.

Foreign Aid for third-world nations:

This same principle applies to all the hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid that the US Government sends to other nations each year. Stop and think folks. Can we really afford to do this? This is taxpayer money and should not be squandered this way. It is one thing for a Billionaire such as Bill Gates to show mercy on poor Africans dying of disease. It is his money and he is entitled to do with it what he pleases. It is entirely different and completely wrong when taxpayer money is doled out to assist other nations.

Policing the World:

We have become the policemen to the world for too long, often getting embroiled in the internal civil wars of other nations. Very good examples of places we had no business being was in Nigeria during their bloody civil war (depicted by the movie Tears of the Sun) with apologies to Bruce Willis who did a good acting job but depicted very bad executive decisions on his character’s part during the movie. Same with Black Hawk Down. We had absolutely no business being in Somalia. We had every right to go into Iraq in order to liberate Kuwait, and our troops did a fantastic job there, however, once we were done there we should have left immediately. We had no obligation to rebuild Kuwait or Iraq. We had no business getting mired down there for years. We had every right to go into Pakistan to kill Osama. However, what on earth did we go into Afghanistan for? Even after successfully conquering the entire known world, Alexander the great got mired down in Afghanistan and died there. The Soviets were mired down there for decades without any progress. What on earth are we still doing there? We need to follow Switzerland’s example and stop being the policemen to the world. We need to look after our own people right here in the United States. 

Protecting our Borders:

Building the Wall on our Southern border is absolutely the right thing to do. We need to build the wall to keep illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and human traffickers out. I commend President Trump for taking a stand on this. How to fund this wall? What about spending the nearly $15 Billion seized from El Chapo the notorious Mexican drug lord who profited for years by smuggling drugs into the United States?

The policies listed on this website, along with a curb in illegal immigration and a reduction in strength of labor unions will go a long way towards restoring prosperity in America. We need to strengthen our borders, especially our southern border with Mexico. I am all for legal immigration which brings the world’s finest talent into the country. Immigrants contribute to the talent pool, spend money here, pay taxes here, marry here and produce generations of loyal and contributing Americans. Indeed we are a nation of immigrants --- most Americans can trace their ancestry to somewhere in Europe or elsewhere in the world. I draw the line where it comes to illegal immigration however. The law must be upheld and our borders must be protected and secured.


When was the last time you entered a local store and were able to find a product Proudly Made in the USA? 

The problem of outsourcing manufacturing jobs to China is accompanied by several other large problems:

(a) The outsourcing of Information Technology jobs to India, Bangladesh and other countries. Do you really want to dial tech support and speak with someone you cannot understand and who cannot understand what you are saying? Wouldn’t you rather speak to an American? Wouldn’t you rather provide jobs to our own people?

(b) Medical Transcription and Radiology chart reading, etc has gone overseas in droves. Yes, it costs more to have an American Radiologist read an X-Ray and accurately diagnose you, yet, do you really want to have that hip replacement surgery or that knee replaced unnecessarily because someone in Thailand didn’t take the time to read your X-Ray right and was flipping a coin every time they needed to read a chart?

(c) Textile and clothing manufacturing has gone to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Tunisia, China, Saudi Arabia, and other middle eastern countries in droves. When was the last time you wore a shirt “Made in the USA”?

Unless we correct these systemic ills and make it cost competitive to do this work or manufacture these goods right here in the USA, we will have economic problems that neither political party nor the Federal Reserve nor the US Treasury will be able to fix. Bringing these jobs back to the United States will cost US employers more in the short run, however, as prosperity begins to return to the average American household over the long haul and the purchasing power of the average consumer increases, we will see a return to the boom years where both the American consumer as well as the American business prospered. We have a clear choice here folks: the economy can be steered in the direction it is currently headed, which is a spiral to the bottom, or we can reverse gears, take a little pain in the short-term and steer the economy into a race to the top. I believe doing the latter is not only the morally correct thing to do, but is also crucial to our National Security interests. A Strong USA which is self-reliant and produces most of what it consumes is not only vital to the economy, but also vital to our National Security. Henry Ford had the correct idea when he increased the wages of his workers so they could all afford to buy the Model T. The increase in wages increased consumer demand for automobiles. The demand curve shifted to the right as more consumers were willing, able and had the purchasing power to be able to go out and buy an automobile. Yes, the US economy today is quite a bit more complicated than the economy of 1912, yet the fundamental economics behind demand and supply, and the mighty purchasing power of the US consumer has not changed.

The Donald Trump Presidency:

In 2016 I fully endorsed and financially supported the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. Promising to Make America Great Again, his vision of the steps required to put our nation back on track toward prosperity mirror mine, and I would not be surprised to learn that he got several ideas for his campaign and for his Presidential platform from my website. My contributions to his campaign earned me a Trump Campaign Board of Directors’ membership certificate and numerous hats, mugs, bumper stickers, and of course the license plate holder I so proudly put on my car. Yes, I am a protectionist at heart, and most of the ideas on this website reflect that. In December 2018 I received inclusion in the Republican Presidential Honor Roll.  President Trump has done the best possible repair job to a badly broken US economy left behind by his predecessors, and continues to do a fantastic job on the economic and on all other fronts. I am proud to call him my President.

President Trump had a brilliant idea in August 2018 and I am echoing his ideas here. We need to do away with the Quarterly Earnings reports for Publicly traded companies and go to a semi-annual or annual reporting system. Most privately held companies or mutual companies are able to focus on long-term results such as market share instead of constantly worrying about quarterly earnings because the Street expects companies to meet or exceed earnings projections each quarter. 

I continue to remain the President of the President Trump fan club and fully endorse President Donald Trump for President in the year 2020. May God continue to Bless him and his family.


Let us draw a clear distinction between importing goods and services from these countries and the economic fallout of doing so, and embracing people from all ethnic origins and backgrounds here in the United States. While the former is a big problem and must be dealt with if we are to retain our stature as world superpower, the latter is a necessity if we are to remain a welcoming beacon of freedom for peoples of all ethnic origins and backgrounds. We need to, and must continue to remain the preferred destination of skilled immigrants from all over the world. Our nuclear program, as well as our space program was built almost entirely by  immigrating scientists from Germany after World War II. Dr. Henry A. Kissinger who was sworn in on September 22, 1973, as the 56th Secretary of State, a position he held until January 20, 1977, was an immigrant and a Naturalized US Citizen. He also served as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs from January 20, 1969, until November 3, 1975. Among the awards Dr. Kissinger has received have been the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973; the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the nation's highest civilian award) in 1977; and the Medal of Liberty (given one time to ten foreign-born American leaders) in 1986. Dr. Kissinger was born in Fuerth, Germany, came to the United States in 1938 and was naturalized a United States citizen in 1943. Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian who was the inspiration behind Pastor Bill Hybels’ founding of the Willow Creek Community Church, and it’s co-founder, was born in France and is an immigrant to the United States, and a Naturalized United States Citizen. Our country has been immensely Blessed by European, Israeli (Jewish) as well as Indian immigrants who have become naturalized Citizens who are innovators, physicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, nurses, engineers and CEOs of Fortune companies. Never sneer at what a determined legal immigrant can do to shape our country. Many have in the past and many will continue to do so in the future.  

Having said that, there is rampant abuse in the system. The H1-B visa program has been widely misused and abused by employers in order to displace and replace skilled American workers especially in the technology arena. The same goes with the L-1 visa program where companies bring in foreign workers on a temporary basis in order to fill “skills shortages.” There is no technology “skills shortage” here in the United States. Anyone attesting to that fact is lying -- indeed deceiving the general public. False testimony to this effect is well known and rampant in the tech industry. I know of several HR managers who will remain unnamed, who felt very badly about having to falsely testify to a labor shortage when there were clearly American candidates able and willing to take those same jobs for more money. Numerous Fortune companies have abused the system in order to lower the salaries of American technology workers and tilt the demand and supply curve in their favor. There is testimony after testimony in the United States Congress and Senate relating to American workers having to train their foreign counterparts before they are let go, because companies can hire foreigners for half or a fourth of what they would have to pay a similarly skilled and trained American worker. Case in point: On February 26, 2019, the Justice Department secured a settlement agreement with the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute (CFAI) for discriminating against U.S. workers in favor of H-1B visa workers. Under the settlement, CFAI will pay $321,000 in civil penalties, train employees on anti-discrimination provisions of the Immigration and Naturalization Act, and accept departmental monitoring and reporting requirements. CFAI, an international association of investment professionals headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, certifies financial analysts who pass an exam. A Justice Department investigation found that CFAI hired H-1B visa holders over U.S. workers when it selected exam graders. Commenting on the settlement, Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said, “The Civil Rights Division works diligently to stop employers from unlawfully denying employment opportunities to qualified and available U.S. workers. We appreciate CFAI’s cooperation and look forward to working with the organization to ensure that it does not disqualify exam graders based on their citizenship status.” There is no shortage of American workers, but an abundance of greed in Corporate America which has led to a reluctance to pay fair wages to American workers. The organization which highlights this problem and has the best statistics to back up this claim is NumbersUSA (https://www.numbersusa.com/) Nothing has caused more damage to the Information Technology industry in the United States than the H1-B visa program. The lowering of IT wages has resulted in a disincentive for American students to enter the field of Computer Science and Technology. Those in the field for a long time (many years) have seen their wages slashed in half or more due to the flooding of the job market by cheap H1-B labor. The H1-B and the L-1 visa programs must be abolished.

Despite all of the problems surrounding the immigration system, there is a severe lack of knowledge among the general American populace about the process surrounding legal immigration. In general there seems to be a vast lack of knowledge among Americans regarding the difference between a legal resident alien, a permanent resident with conditional status, a permanent resident who has already filed and been approved for an I-751, and a Naturalized US Citizen who has all the rights of a US Born Citizen except for the right to become President of the United States. These rights of Naturalized US Citizens are protected by the US Constitution in the Bill of Rights, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” 14th Amendment to the US Constitution adopted on July 9, 1868. Just as the Crucifixion of Christ was a one-time event, Naturalization is a one-time event involving the individual making an oath of allegiance to the United States in front of a Federal Judge and is generally irrevocable unless the individual either (a) willingly renounces their citizenship or (b) can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a Federal Court to have committed egregious acts of Treason. There is a vast difference between the legal rights of someone who is a Permanent Resident and those of a Naturalized US Citizen. There is also a vast difference between who is involved in the process. A Permanent Residence is a product of a marriage to a US Citizen, grant of asylum, adoption or employer sponsorship, while Naturalization has absolutely nothing to do with any of these. It is a covenant - an Oath of Allegiance, and the parties involved are the US Government, a Federal Judge and the individual being Naturalized as a US Citizen. According to the Pew Research Center, the population of Naturalized US Citizens reached 15.5 Million in 2011 and the total number of legal immigrants €(Naturalized U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents) has more than doubled in the past four decades, reaching 27.8 million in 2011. This has created a large pool of potential new U.S. citizens. In 2011, a majority (56%) of all the legal immigrants living in the country had already become Naturalized citizens. The rest (12.4 million) are green card holders (permanent residents) who could eventually Naturalize and become U.S. Citizens. A lot of Naturalized Citizens or children of immigrants elect to change their names because they don’t want to be associated with their OLD countries but with their new homelands. The most popular of these name changes was in the movie “Untouchables” where Giuseppe Petri (1908-1988) was a fictional cop recruited by James "Jimmy" Malone and "Mr.Ness." He rose to police commissioner after helping Eliot Ness bust Al Capone. He is played by Andy Garcia in the movie. His family immigrated through Ellis Island and lived in New York City before moving to Chicago. In order to become a cop he changed his name to George Stone. He lived in Chicago's South side and moved to the city to become a cop. People change their names for all sorts of reasons, religion being one. Some people find Christ and change their name to a Christian name in recognition of being born again. Some are given their new Christian names by their Pastors. Some change their name at the time of Baptism. Some have a dream where Jesus touches them and says “You are Simon the son of John. You shall be called Cephas (which means Peter).” In the Holy Bible the Apostle Paul who gave us 2/3rds of the Bible was called Saul before he was touched by Jesus on the road to Damascus. Marriage can be another reason for a legal name change, however, marriage is not required for a legal name change to take place. A legal name change is a process which involves an advertisement in a newspaper for 90 days advertising intent to change name, followed by a Court Appointment and a Judge approving and signing a legal “Name Change Decree.” That decree is then a binding legal document and can be used to change an individual’s name on one’s social security card, voting registration, passports, drivers’ license, bank accounts, credit cards, and everything else. There is absolutely nothing illegal about changing one’s name.

Why do most legal immigrants oppose illegal immigration and amnesty? Simple answer: legal immigrants have gone about the process in the correct manner, spending thousands of dollars in application or attorney fees, a lot of time waiting in long lines at Immigration and Naturalization Services offices, and filling out numerous forms, taking Citizenship tests, etc. and a process which is extremely involved and which generally takes many years to go through.  The process of becoming a permanent resident or a Naturalized US Citizen is not an easy one, while illegal immigrants sneak in through porous borders or overstay their visas and then disappear. They give all immigrants a bad name. How would you like it if you had stood in a five hour long line to purchase a toy for your child and spent very good money for it, whereas  someone else choses to break into the store and steal one instead? Would you not be upset with the person who went about it the wrong way? What about the analogy of a bank robber? You work hard to save your money in the bank, and when you need the money you go to the bank to get it. Compare that with a thief breaking into the bank and stealing all the money in the bank because he wants to go about getting the money the wrong way. That is the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. We do not need immigration reform or Amnesty. There is already a system in place and it works quite well. We already have a plethora of laws on the books. Aside from the H1-B system, which should be abolished, the immigration system is not broken; the border is broken. What we need to do is to SECURE OUR BORDERS from illegal aliens sneaking into our country.

Know a Naturalized US Citizen who has been treated unfairly, unjustly or inaccurately informed by employers, landlords or local officials that they are suddenly “aliens” even though they hold a valid US Passport? Sound strange to you? It has happened in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and in other parts of the nation. Did you know that doing so is a Federal Civil Rights violation and can be reported to the US Department of Justice at http://www.justice.gov/crt/complaint/ and they are obligated to investigate this? Playing with someone’s emotions, blackmailing them, or threatening them in this regard is not a joke. It is a violation of Federal law. People need to understand that:
Once A Marine, Always a Marine
Once A Christian, Always a Christian
Once An American, Always An American.
...is this too hard to remember?

Safety Nets for the Elderly, Unemployed, Uninsured and Under-insured:

There is virtually no safety net for the unemployed in the United States, and many who have little to no savings find themselves homeless or in other dire straits when they are unemployed. Churches do what little they can to help, however, more must be done to stimulate job creation and look after the needy and the poor. Excellent examples of job creation have been set by Governor Walker, Governor Scott and Governor Perry. They have led the nation in job creation for their States and must be applauded for doing so.

Over-regulation and over-taxation hurt the economy and the people in many ways. We seem to be too busy assigning blame for what went wrong during the recession, and attempting to fix it with more regulation, instead of trying to raise the standard of living for all Americans such that they’d never have needed to default on their mortgages in the first place! Nobody WANTS to lose their home or default on their mortgages by choice. The same with healthcare. We seem to always want to band-aid the situation rather than look at the systemic long-term issues and fix those. We need to change our mindset. We can either band-aid the situation and put in place policies which make people more dependent on the Government, or look at ways to raise everyone’s standard of living such that these entitlement programs are not needed in the first place! I was in favor of alternatives to the Obama healthcare bill as proposed by Congressmen Ryan (WI-R) and Kirk (IL-R)

Probably a very unpopular measure, but the bitter medicine to fix the problem of future Social Security and Medicare trust fund insolvency is simple: The Federal Government should simply issue a check equivalent to the amount everyone has contributed to those funds, stop any future payroll deductions, and then GET OUT of the business of providing entitlement benefits altogether. This would promote individual fiscal responsibility for people’s own retirements. The economy would benefit in the short-term (for at least a number of years!) from relatively big checks written out to every American, the Treasury would benefit from not having to worry about the future prospect of Social Security and Medicare trust fund insolvency, the average working American would see a bigger paycheck every two weeks, all employers would benefit as they wouldn’t need to contribute matching amounts of Social Security and Medicare tax on each paycheck, and people would now have more choice about what to do with their money for Retirement and old-age healthcare benefits. Seniors would receive the largest disbursements, considering they would have been contributing into the system for the longest time. The US Constitution would be upheld because the Federal Government would be going back to focusing on what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted our Constitution! Everyone would win --- US employers, existing employees, as well as retirees. Making this happen may not be easy, but would be one sure way of kicking our economy into high gear and making aggressive job-creation happen right here at home by reducing employers’ payroll tax burden. Don’t even get me started with ObamaCare. It is a big disaster and should never have been conceived. I am an incompassionate twit you say? What about all those poor people out there? In times past, religious institutions, specifically Churches and Synagogues used to carry the burden of providing for the needy. Indeed the burden has now shifted to the Local, State and Federal Governments. It is time this is reverted back to the Churches. Scripture backs me up on this. “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even these least, ye did it unto me.” Matthew 25:40. No Church in America sets an  example of compassion to the poor and needy better than the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Under the direction of Heather Larson and Dan Hybels, the Church boasts of a fully equipped Care Center and a Cars ministry for the needy in the community. No President in America has done more to empower Churches to do more in this area than President George W. Bush. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, formerly the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI) is an office within the White House that is part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Established by President Bush through an executive order on January 29, 2001, representing one of the key domestic policies of his campaign promise of "compassionate conservatism." The initiative sought to strengthen faith-based and community organizations and expand their capacity to provide federally funded social services, with the idea having been that these groups were well-situated to meet the needs of local individuals. I would take this one step further and begin to taper the aid provided to the needy directly by the Government and begin to funnel this through religious institutions.


Over-taxation becomes a disincentive for companies to locate in the United States, and nobody’s interests are served by taxing the heck out of the middle class, or even the wealthy. When people get to keep more of their own money, everyone benefits. When the wealthy get to keep more of their own money, they are more inclined to start companies and hire people here. 

An annual household income of $250K is neither rich nor wealthy by any stretch of the imagination --- it is middle class, and folks should not use that threshold as an excuse to increase taxes. Lower taxes across the board benefit all Americans. This holds true both at the Federal as well as at the State level. The State of Illinois’s shameful and infamous individual income tax increase of January 2011 by 66% is an example of what NOT to do. Illinois continues to raise taxes as they grapple with a massive $7.8 Billion budget deficit.


I applaud Governors Scott Walker (WI-R) and Chris Christie (NJ-R) for their stand against collective bargaining in Wisconsin and in New Jersey. They have set fine examples of what a Governor ought to do in working to solve a state’s fiscal problems. Labor unions increase the cost of doing business here. If we are to make the United States cost-competitive as a base for manufacturing jobs again, we must do away with labor unions. By providing vigorous tax incentives for companies to hire and retain workers here, we can bring back jobs which have been lost to Hong Kong, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Egypt, and other countries with a lower wage structure. If our economy is run well, there is no reason for unemployment levels to be above 3 or 4 percent. US House Republicans under the capable leadership of Newt Gingrich were able to reduce the unemployment levels between 1995 and 1999 to below 4%. It has been done in the past folks, and it can be done again! 

Over-Regulation and Tort Reform:

An assault on CEO and Executive Compensation is an assault on the very essence of Capitalism. It has unfortunately become fashionable for the have-nots to verbally assault the folks who do have money and wealth in our society today. Their time and energy would be better spent in figuring out how to better themselves, and to get ahead, instead of trying to bring down those who have already gotten ahead and are living the American dream!

Over-zealous prosecution and persecution of companies within our Financial as well as other sectors will lead to a further weakening and destruction of our industries and jobs, and will weaken our nation. Our regulatory enforcement agencies, Senate subcommittees, as well as Attorney Generals must be careful before attacking and smearing our best and brightest companies such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and others. It takes many years and a lot of hard work, careful planning, and effort to build up a company of the stature of Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, Exxon Mobil or Bank of America, and only a few short months to tarnish the reputation of, and destroy a company, as we have seen with Arthur Anderson or Lehman Brothers. Remember, all of these companies are responsible to their clients and to their shareholders (to Wall Street) and not to Main Street!

There are some companies engaged in downright unethical behavior which deserve to be taken down, but these are generally the exception rather than the rule.

This, along with tort-reform is badly needed in order to give our nation’s industries the leg up. Envision the United States as a naval destroyer at sea. Would you want infighting to sink that ship? We are a part of a global economy competing with other nations. Every day, every dollar, and every resource spent in infighting is one less day, one less dollar and one less resource we have competing against the Airbuses and the Nokias and the Sinopecs of the world. 

Transparency in Credit Act and banning of loan sharks:

Consumer Credit needs to be made much more transparent and loan sharks charging anything over 21 percent interest rate need to be banned under usury laws.

Transparency information that must be provided to the applicant at the application of each loan needs to include any overt and covert co-signers or backers of the loan. So for example if you apply for a Capital One Credit Card or an American Airlines Citibank credit card in your own name as a sole applicant, and are approved for it, you should not find out months afterwards that an Arab Sheik backed your loan therefore you are somehow beholden to him. This is a very bad practice and must stop. Unless there is an actual co-signer on your loan application, you should not be considered beholden to any individual or special interest groups. Of course if the credit card is overtly affiliated with a special interest group, that is a different story. If I go to apply for an NRA Credit Card and the Bank of Omaha, Nebraska approves my application, and I use that credit card, of course I know that a portion of my dues go back to the NRA. That is perfectly legal, transparent and legitimate because I applied for an affiliate credit card. If I apply for a DIsney Credit card and am approved, of course I know that the Disney Corporation is benefiting from every transaction I make on that card. However, if I apply for a vanilla Credit One or Capital One Credit card, am approved, but later find out that some nefarious left-wing group backed my loan without my knowledge, and that I am somehow now beholden to that nefarious group, that is clearly fraud and Capital One should be held liable and punished for that fraud upon the American people. Consumer Credit laws on the books need to be revised to clearly state at the time of application of each loan if there is a special interest group backing the loan. Not doing so is clearly fraud.        

TIFFs, Incentives and Corporate Taxes:

This is a global economy and most companies now have a choice where to HQ their businesses. Provide companies job-creation tax credits, as well as other incentives to manufacture here, to locate here, to create service-sector jobs here. It is easier and much better for us to create an environment which will facilitate the hosting of mega-corps here, than to compete head-on with them in the global marketplace. The one individual who has done more in this area than anyone else I know has been Governor Rick Perry(R) of Texas. I applaud Governor Perry for making Texas the number one state to do business in for ten consecutive years in a row, according to Chief Executive magazine. He has done this by aggressively reducing and eliminating corporate, small business and individual taxes, as well as providing huge incentives for businesses to relocate to Texas. He personally visited with numerous Corporate CEOs and boards and took it upon himself to become the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for the State of Texas in attracting new business to the State. He treated the State of Texas as though he were running a private enterprise, and himself as it’s CEO, which indeed he is. This is a prime example of what happens when you run a public entity as you would a large private enterprise. As of this writing in 2014, companies from all over the country and indeed the world were relocating to Texas because of it’s friendly business climate. In 2014 Texas was home to 103 Fortune 1000 companies, more than any other State in the Union. In addition, while many States like Illinois, New York and California are seeing a net outflow of people, Texas is currently seeing an inflow of roughly a thousand people per day....!!! Another State seeing huge success in attracting new businesses to its borders is Florida, under Governor Rick Scott (R) who is employing much of the same strategy as Governor Perry is in Texas. As a result, Texas and Florida are seeing a net inflow of Corporate headquarters, and their unemployment rates have dropped substantially. Can other Governors replicate the magic that Perry and Scott have performed? This is yet to be seen. However, underlying both their success stories is sound economic and fiscal policy and a willingness to personally match their vision with authentic leadership.

Red Light Cameras:

I am vehemently against the use of red light traffic cameras on street intersections. They are an objective tool being used to study and govern a subjective people. A person may be able to come to a complete stop before turning right on a clear bright sunny day without a problem, but when there is a snowstorm in full force and it is difficult to see outside, it may not be so easy to come to a complete stop. Or, what if the vehicle in question is carrying a gravely ill person to the hospital and it makes more sense to go through the light than to stop for it? Or, perhaps on a snowy winter day, it is safer not to stop than to make a complete stop? Humans and their situations vary. To leave judgment to an automated camera, and an automated computer-attached ticket printing machine, is to be naive at the least, and foolish at the worst. I am also averse to speed monitoring cops sitting in wait for speeding motorists using radar detectors. Most people obey posted speed limits and those who don’t generally have a good reason for not obeying the limit. California’s use of the police force to ticket those who even pick their phone up to move it from one seat in their car to another, is a gross abuse of police power. The police force should be used to respond to real threats such as thefts, robberies, acts of terror, and to accidents, and to solve real crime instead of waiting to entrap regular folks in order to fill monthly or quarterly quotas. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-police through and through, and regularly contribute to many police-related causes. However, many of my Sheriff friends agree with me that handing out of indiscriminate traffic tickets is wrong and the uniformed officers could be better used elsewhere.

Government Surveillance:

I also believe that the NSA has a legal right and even a legal and a moral obligation to perform surveillance on the American public, for our own safety and to prevent another 9/11/01 from happening. However, in my humble opinion, this surveillance should be restricted to Muslims residing within the United States, especially to those Muslims who frequent Mosques, and to those who make frequent international calls to Muslim-majority nations or to Muslim households overseas. (For the Record, I have never practiced Islam, I have never visited a mosque, and there are NO MUSLIMS in my biological or adopted family.) Are there good Muslims in the United States? Yes. Are there Muslims in the United States who oppose jihad? Yes. However, after 9/11/2001, the onus of proving their innocence lies on them, not on us. The CIA has recently come under attack for it’s brutal interrogation techniques. In defense of the CIA, I would say that they did what they had to do in order to protect innocent civilian lives. The Muslim enemy is ruthless and teaches their children to hate the West. You cannot know this until you have heard the venomous hate speech come out of the mouths of some teenage Muslims. Then you will believe what I do. Until you have heard first hand stories of Muslims wanting to destroy the west, do not pretend to know the gravity of the fight we are in. Yes, I would rather see a peaceful solution to this problem myself. I’d rather change the mind of the enemy than destroy them, but if the latter is what needs to be done to protect the United States, then so be it. I’d rather see a dead United Arab Emirates or a dead Libya, Jordan or Yemen than a dead United States of America.

I was asked by a colleague at work recently whether I would be ready, willing and able to be brutally tortured by the Muslim enemy and die in defense of the United States. I replied YES. There are only three things I would readily be able and willing to die for: (a) My Faith. I would never disavow Jesus as my Lord and Savior in favor of a different religion. (b) My country. I would never pledge allegiance to any country other than the United States of America, and (c) my future wife and kids, when God grants them to me. (For the Record, I have never practiced Islam, I have never visited a mosque, and there are NO MUSLIMS in my biological or adopted family.)

Government Bureaucracy:

I believe that there are too many layers of Government which exist today: City/Village/Township Government, County Government, State Government and Federal Government. At least one of these layers could easily be eliminated, saving taxpayers a lot of money. The Constitution calls for the Government to have a very limited role in people’s lives, and the more layers of Government there are, the more interference and intrusion there is into people’s lives. 

School Choice:

As a product of one of the world’s best and most exclusive private Christian schools, I believe in school choice. I believe that competition between schools breeds excellence in education. I believe in the excellent work that many Parochial and Charter schools are doing across the nation.

The right and obligation to vote:

It is the right and the obligation of every Citizen to vote. Voting is one of our most sacred duties as citizens. If we are to ensure fair and smooth elections, we must promote the use of electronic voter identification for the reduction or elimination of voting fraud. I propose the enhancement of the existing State ID or Driver’s License to double as a voter’s identification card, with additional voter qualification information added to the current State databases.  

The Federal Reserve:

The Federal Reserve does not want an audit because the American people cannot handle the truth. The American Federal Government is like the average consumer with terribly bad credit who owes a ton of money to it’s creditors and has no way of paying it back. The average Joe Smith who owes a lot of money doesn’t pull his credit report because he is in denial and doesn’t want to see what is contained therein. Fortunately for Joe Smith, negative items on his credit report simply fall off and disappear after seven years, or he can declare Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy and start rebuilding his credit right away. The Federal Reserve shields us from the truth of how dire the nation’s financial situation has become by simply not showing us the numbers (the nation’s credit report or financial statement.) Instead, they keep directing the Treasury to keep printing more money in order to stave off the inevitable. That inevitable will happen folks, if not in our generation, then in the generation of our children and our grandchildren. Unlike negative individual credit which simply goes away after a while, the debt of a nation held in Treasury bonds and bills by foreign nations such as China does not simply disappear. The US Government does not have the luxury of simply "Declaring Bankruptcy" and starting over. If we as a nation don’t fix our financial house now, future generations will somehow have to pay for it. What kind of legacy are we leaving for our future generations?

I do believe in the sovereignty of the Federal Reserve Chairman, in that the Fed Chair is an independent banking executive with powers which should not be influenced by the other branches of the Federal Government, including the executive, legislative or judiciary branches. The Fed Chair needs to be given latitude to make his or her own decisions regarding the setting of the benchmark Fed funds rate.

Global Climate Change:

I do not have a position on climate change and global warming as I have read theories both supporting as well as debunking these concerns. Perhaps someday someone will be able to convince me one way or another about the legitimacy of these concerns.

Islam and the War on Terror:

(For the Record, I have never practiced Islam, I have never visited a mosque, and there are NO MUSLIMS in my biological or adopted family.) I strongly support our war on terror. I defend President Bush’s call to go to war in Iraq, and the toppling of dictator Sadam Hussein. I support the war on terror in Afghanistan and pray for our brave troops in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and defending us at home here in the United States every day. I worry about Iran’s rogue ambitions and their increasing capabilities, which must be curtailed. I do not believe that Afghanistan’s Taliban problem is an isolated problem. Pakistan must be looked upon as part of a broader Af-Pak problem. Anti-American and anti-west sentiments in Afghanistan are secretly supported, and even funded by Pakistani authorities and this issue needs to be addressed in one way or another. Pakistan's ISI is one of the biggest government-sponsored funder and supporter of Islamic terrorism worldwide. I would not be surprised at all if Osama Bin Laden were found hiding in Pakistan. [Months after I first posted this, I got a hurried phone call from my Pastor who asked me to temporarily take down my website, which I did. We had several Navy Seals serving at our Church and I had been quite vocal about voicing my opinion that Pakistan was likely harboring terrorists, including Osama. The next day US forces raided the compound where Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan. Later I was nominated for several awards for Patriotism. ] For many years I have been making the case for stronger action against Islamic radicals in the region. We need to either change the sentiment in the region, or completely destroy the Islamic enemy. In a related subject, there was talk in early 2010 about building a mosque adjacent to Ground Zero. Have we gone mad with our political correctness? Building a mosque adjacent to Ground Zero would be an insult to every sensible New Yorker and to every American!!! It would be akin to spitting in the face of those who perished on that terrible day. Let us not let this happen under any circumstance! 

We need to give Russia lots of leeway and latitude in dealing with the Islamic problem in Chechnya and elsewhere. The Islamic enemy is our common enemy and the sooner we deal with it the better. Could you imagine what would happen if Islam didn’t exist? There would be many more companies like Apple Computers and Disney and brilliant scientists like Albert Einstein, many more brilliant movie producers like Steven Spielberg, many more brilliant entrepreneurs and hedge fund managers like Steve Cohen. There would have been no September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. This is a day we must never forget. Nineteen al-Qaeda terrorists killed 2,996 people and injured 6,000 more. More than 18,000 people are still suffering from illnesses linked to the dust from that day. Had there been no Muslims, there would have been no Iraq war and no Afghan war. There would not be wards full of American soldiers lying wounded in VA hospitals with limbs blown off with IEDs. It would be a much better world. Shame on you Paul, you must be thinking. Well, go ahead and say it. However when the Muslims make their next big move against us, it will be me saying “told you so...” We have become complacent in our thinking that the war on terror is over. It has hardly begun! Fact is that young Muslims are being brainwashed in Islamic schools called Madrasas all over the world. They are being taught to hate the West and specifically the United States. Countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Yemen and the Phillipines are full of such "schools of hatered." Do not be deceived. There are Muslims out there ready and willing to wipe you and me off the face of this earth without a second thought or hesitation because we are Christian believers who love the United States. These people hate our way of life. They would gladly annihilate us if they had the means to do so. What happens as a country’s Muslim population increases? This is a MUST-SEE Video: MORE Proof of Islamization and Terrorist Training Camps in America. Islam is not a religion of peace. See here for a couple of documentaries which will open your eyes ( Islam: What the West Needs to Know and Islam 101 ) Sadly, the Muslim faith is growing in the USA. Christians must remain vigilant and take this battle to the enemy wherever possible instead of allowing them to bring this war to our shores. Yes, I believe there are peace-loving Muslims in this world, However, our stance needs to be one of caution and vigilance rather than of blind acceptance. I have been a behind-the-scenes participant in some very important US Military missions against the Islamic enemy and I do not rule out doing so again to aid and defend my country as and where the need arises. The solution to ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) is to completely obliterate them from the face of the earth. I agree with President Donald Trump’s assertion about completely stopping Muslim immigration into the United States, and while I do not usually agree with the Russian premier about much, Mr. Vladmir Putin has shown much greater testicular fortitude than President Obama in threatening ISIL with nuclear obliteration, while President Obama is still reluctant to call ISIL what it is --- Islamic Terrorism.

Would you be surprised to know that there are roughly 2,400 centers of Jihad in the United States? Jihad is taught at every mosque in the United States, and in addition, each mosque in the United States has the potential to be a center for terrorism complete with bombs, weapons, terrorist training materials, and more. This was true in Europe, and has been proven out in recent raids after the terrorist attacks in France where mosques which were raided were found to be complex depots of weapons, ammunition and terrorist training. Certain things must be done in the United States to prevent this from happening: (a) All mosques must be put under 24x7 FBI surveillance. (b) All individuals entering or exiting these mosques must be identified and their activities tracked on a 24x7 basis --- who they talk to, who they interact with, where they work, where they sleep, where they do business, etc. (c) All these mosques must be inspected for secret and hidden entrances, exits, underground passages, hidden bunkers, etc. (d) If possible, all mosques must be inspected for weapons caches, and for terrorist training materials. (e) All bank accounts associated with mosques and with all the congregates that use those mosques, must be screened. Every transaction must be thoroughly checked in order to rule out money transfers to individuals and organizations tied to terrorism within Middle Eastern countries.

Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal created by the evil Abdul Qadeer Khan, is now on track to become the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal, twice the size of India’s and surpassing even such nations as the United Kingdom. The evil Khan, accused of selling nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran and Libya, has continued to sell his nuclear technology to the highest bidder, and the fundamentalist Islamists in the region will not hesitate to use it against Israel, Europe or even the United States if they could find a method to deliver a nuclear payload over great distances. ISIS will pale in comparison to what a nuclear-armed Pakistan, Iran or North Korea can do to western interests around the world. (For the Record, I have never practiced Islam, I have never visited a mosque, and there are NO MUSLIMS in my biological or adopted family.)

The Ebola Crisis:

The appropriate response to the Ebola crisis is to cease all incoming flights from Liberia and from West Africa until the epidemic in Africa is over.

The United Nations:

The United Nations has become a parasite feeding upon it’s host, the United States of America. This organization, while almost entirely hosted in and funded by the United States, should be given an ultimatum to either change it’s ways or be exiled from the United States and have it’s funding cut off. The amount of anti-American propaganda and anti-American votes produced by this organization are staggering considering that it is almost entirely funded by American taxpayer money. We as a nation can do better. A better location for the United Nations might be the UK, Switzerland, France or any other nation sympathetic to this organization’s ultra-liberal and Anti-Semitic views.

Medical Marijuana:

I oppose the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. There are plenty of other advanced painkillers already approved by the FDA which can be used to control pain in chronic illnesses.

Capital Punishment:

I am against the death penalty for capital crimes. I believe that if there is even a one percent chance of our convicting an innocent person, that burden on the collective conscience of our society would be too great for us to bear. The sanctity of human life is paramount, no matter how heinous the crime. Just as I am against the death penalty for capital crimes, I am also for the Innocence Project. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that this project has historically helped minorities in prison prove their innocence. Convicting people of crimes they did not commit is a serious offense towards God, and the Holy Bible does not take this type of sin lightly.

The Protection of Israel and the Jewish People:

While I am not Jewish, I believe in a very strong Israel which is able to defend itself against terrorist threats from Islamic extremists. Israeli safety and security is vital to American interests in the region, and it is also the Holy Land from which two great religions (Judaism and Christianity) sprang. Do not be fooled by the popular media. Israel is not the aggressor. The terrorist organization Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups have made it impossible for Israel to live peacefully. Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of Israel, and the Jewish people deserve to have a homeland of their own. I believe in the recognition and existence of Israel as a Jewish State and any and all necessary American commitment over the long haul in order to ensure Israel’s safety and security. We need to train alongside and strengthen the IDF so they can protect the lives of innocent Israeli citizens. The homeland of Israel was promised by God to Isaac in His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Sarah. The full narrative of that covenant can be found in Genesis 1:1-22. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accurately puts it, “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more war. If Israel put down her weapons, there would be no more Israel.” The protection of Israel is in American interests as well.

Prosecution of White Collar Crime:

Overzealous prosecution of white collar crime needs to stop. A man I highly respect and admire, Senator Rand Paul recently introduced “The First Step Act” a good first step in reforming the Criminal Justice System. This long overdue legislation was passed by the House and Senate and signed into Law by President Trump. I commend Senator Paul on the passage of this historic legislation. It is definitely a step in the right direction.

Term Limits for Politicians:

I generally oppose term limits for politicians. In the private sector, we know that the greater number of years a person has been at a job, the better and more efficient he or she gets at doing that job. Public Service is no different. Experienced politicians generally know how to work the system quickly and efficiently, and bring about much needed expediency and capable leadership to their roles. Just as private sector employers look for experienced workers, Government is best led by experienced politicians.

Requiring a Government Issued photo ID to vote:

I support the Republican party’s position that a government issued photo ID should be required to vote in any and all elections held within the United States. Today, this is a State regulated function, and every State has a different law regarding this. In Wisconsin for example, a Government issued photo ID is required to vote whereas in Illinois it is not. Yet the results of these elections impact not only local and Statewide offices, but also Federal Offices such as President of the United States. I support the Federal Government passing a law requiring Government-issued photo ID in order to vote.

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While I am a Republican, the measures outlined here will help all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, and will lead us as a nation back toward a path to prosperity.

Website last updated:  08/25/2020